How we do it

Complete flexibility without compromising on quality

More and more of the best agency talent is now choosing a flexible career, one that’s not tied to a single employer. Enabled by technology, the available resource is now bigger and more diverse than ever before.

But marketing to B2B audiences, through a lengthy customer journey, still needs a specific combination of skills. And we firmly believe that this is best delivered through a specialist B2B agency. But – not one that’s straitjacketed by the rigid resource models of traditional outfits. 

Because we have access to a much larger pool of talent than you’ll find in a traditional agency model, we don’t need to stretch and squeeze existing resource to serve our clients and solve their problems. We simply call on the right B2B talent when we need to. And this on-demand flexibility means we can match the right people to meet your specific needs, whatever they may be.

Not just another freelance platform.

We’ve gathered some of the best independent talent around, and created a network of B2B experts, with a broad range of knowledge and skills. And with our proprietary resource platform – bigas1 – we can tailor a team to client’s needs.

That makes us a full-service, specialist B2B agency – not merely another freelance resource platform. And we’re committed to delivering data-led, high quality and global B2B marketing services at the lowest possible cost to drive the best possible ROI for our clients.

It also ensures that all clients, from start-ups and SMEs to large enterprises, enjoy consistent service levels and the care and respect their business deserves. Our flexible model and flat structure further drives down costs, with these savings passed on to our clients.

The traditional agency model was not designed for the new world of work. We were built for it.

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